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Garrett Vita listens to entrepreneur’s pains and collaborates on identifying blind spots for a plan the client feels is best towards their leadership purpose.

Garrett defines leadership purpose as intentional, meaningful behaviors that allows team members and the leader to provide enhanced choices and opportunities to each other and themselves as professionals, but more importantly, as human beings. By identifying conscious and unconscious barriers, clients have the ability to see leadership as a way to improve the lives of others that extends beyond titles and job descriptions. Humans have a natural tendency to want to do good in the world, but the execution is clouded by self-limiting beliefs.

When entrepreneurs don’t fulfill their leadership purpose, they get frustrated and doubt what they are doing and who they are. Garrett works with his clients to allow them to be more self-aware about their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. This gives them the opportunity to make the decisions and actions they need to make based off their agenda.

Garrett’s approach is to equip his clients with improved critical thinking skills that will allow the client to navigate issues independently after the conclusion of their time. His services don’t provide the strategy or the “How to”. He and the client explore what habits and thoughts aren’t working and find possible alternatives that can be beneficial for the long-term.

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