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About Garrett

Garrett Vita focuses on the power of shared humanity, in which is rooted in kindness, compassion, and interconnectedness. This binds people together for the common good and creates an ethic of interdependence. With this relationship, his clients have the opportunity to push their goals forward and find their own inner-peace. This sense of community stems from the African country of Sierra Leone.

The people practice a principle called Ubuntu (Un-boon-too) which emphasizes the interconnection between everyone in the community and leads to common harmony.  They say, “I am because we are.” 

Garrett sees his clients as more than a transaction and client, but as a unique story waiting to be read. He understands the importance of knowing his client’s stories because they have hidden solutions to the client’s current barriers. Carefully observing coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) at Duke University and with the USA Men’s basketball team, Garrett witnesses the level of intimacy and bond between Coach K and his players. This led Coach K to being more than just a Hall of Fame coach, but a friend and mentor to his players.

Garrett feels a deep sense of responsibility to help his clients develop clarity about their core values and how they use those values to create a life of purpose and significance. He coaches clients to understand the best answers to life’s challenges are found within oneself and critical thinking is the pathway to finding the source of their problems.

Through this, clients are able to think beyond issues that permit a life of significance to those around them. When Garrett read Truett Cathy’s book, Doing Business the Chick-Fil-A Way, he connected with Truett’s grit and purpose in cultivating the Chick-Fil-A legacy. He discovered that Truett’s purpose in starting the Chick-Fil-A legacy was not about the money nor chicken sandwiches.

He doesn’t believe one’s past should prevent them from achieving their purpose no matter their background. He believes one’s excellence in striving for something greater has a positive impact on those around them and themselves. Through the years, Garrett applies the “never settle for less” mentality he learned from reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad into his client interactions. Garrett began envisioning his future at the age of 12.  His father gave him Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. When he finished the book, he started immersing himself in the study of leadership and personal development.

Garrett adapted his alma mater’s nursing theory into his coaching practice by seeing his clients as holistic. Garrett defines holistic as different aspects of a client’s thoughts and behaviors intertwining to influence the client’s purpose. This perspective allows him to ask a variety of questions in order for the client to find the best solutions for themselves.

 His clients have a deep pride in their relationship with Garrett when they sprout a “light bulb” of discovery and the nonverbal connection that stems from it. Once he received his registered nurse license, he decided to take a detour and into a more entrepreneurial path towards the finance industry. While in this industry, he realized he didn’t believe in what he was doing because his company would push them to consult their clients to sell one product. Garrett understands life isn’t a one-size-fits-all and didn’t want to be part of a culture where it would favor company and an agent’s commissions over the client’s benefit.

To date he has earned a nursing degree and has completed his coaching certification with the John Maxwell Team. In his experience, he learned about how impactful the mind is on one’s health and performance, in which, he integrates his nursing skills with his love of coaching both groups and individuals.