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In The Essence of Life: Discover the Keys to Significance, Garrett shares his belief that life should not be wasted being at a job you hate, but rather, as discovering who you are meant to be. In nursing, Garrett understood the impact his care did for his patients, but internally he felt there was more to his potential. He learned true credibility comes from within and not by the letters behind your name.

He also examines what makes your identity and how you arrived here. He contributes factors that directly influence how we think and behave, and ideas on how to improve the outcomes for those factors. Volunteering with the less fortunate, seeing the lifestyle and work ethic of the upper class, and taking care of sick patients, Garrett saw how important one’s environment and health impacted the quality and longevity of one’s life.

Garrett shares perceptions he and many others fall for that constrain them as a part of society’s image. He goes on to talk about what he has done to get rid of that image within himself and a few ways one can see life and purpose in a different light. Garrett would go to networking events and conferences and at times would be judged based on his age and youthful image.

Every day is a gift. Having the clarity to understand what we are meant to accomplish only enhances it and makes every day one of discovery, awareness, and unparalleled joy.