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Garrett collaborates with his clients so they can find the best answers within themselves. His clients appreciate their time with Garrett when they see themselves come out of each session with a “light bulb” and are able to “kill” their past self. No one likes to be the same person forever, but everyone loves to see progress and growth.

Garrett believes in creating next action steps so clients aren’t second guessing what to do next and are able to challenge themselves. Garrett gets the best along with those who have integrity, value others while not “judging a book by its cover”, have a win-win mentality, love to see others win, and is a tenacious learner.

Coaching is the collaborative process where curiosity and critical thinking allow clients to discover personal and professional growth. You achieve your current results based off what you have done in the past. In order to attain your future goals, you must challenge and change what you currently think, believe, and how you behave.

There are parts of your thoughts and behaviors you are currently aware and unaware of. Coaching sessions allow you to realize those conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviors that help you start moving toward progress. The quality of your results is dependent on the quality of your thoughts. 

Coaching with Garrett includes:

~Sessions based off of your agenda

~A listening first approach, rather than a “telling what’s best for you” approach

~ Frequent verbal summaries, that allow you to “see” more effectively and clearly what your barriers are

~Collaboration on creating small adjustments that allow for long-term improved behaviors

~Accountability that matches your expectations

~A climate to validate or breakdown truths, perceptions, or doubts constructively

~A safe and confidential environment

~Recordings of each session