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Who is Garrett?

Garrett Vita is a Purpose Creator. He listens and collaborates with his clients about their frustrations and blind spots to allow them to fulfill their leadership purpose more efficiently, while supporting their personal and professional growth.

Garrett discovered coaching as a way for him to challenge himself and to enhance the lives of others. Through this process he strives to help others to do the same so they can become who they strive to be.

What services does Garrett provide?

-Individual Coaching

-Group Synergy sessions

-DISC Report and Debrief

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process where curiosity and critical thinking allow clients to discover personal and professional growth.

What should I expect if I move forward with individual coaching?

  1. For coaching sessions: To get the most out of each session and to save time, it’s highly recommended to have a problem identified at the beginning of each session to be solved. To help yourself in identifying a topic, think in the context of questions such as, “What’s ONE thing that is preventing you from moving forward?”, “What would help you move faster in achieving your next goal?” Each session is geared towards resolving what is the priority at that moment.
  2. For the check-in sessions: These sessions are geared to track the client’s progress from the previous session and to partner on ideas to make more effective adjustments.